Title Wholesale Price
Godass vhs video $9.60
Heart of Nowhere vhs video $6.00
Kungfu Jew vhs video $9.60
Bit Brigade "Contraband" $8.40
Bit Brigade "MegaBand - Live 03/08/2006 $6.00
Braasch, Jonas "Sonic Territories"  $8.70
Buccino, Dario "corpo nostro"  $3.60
*holy molar "dentist the menace" (three one g) $2.70
Interface "recording field" dvd $12.00
Io And Her And The Trouble With Him "Ione" dvd $11.70
Lopez, Francisco + Jorge Simonet "memoirs of four discarded objects" dvd $10.80
Madee "we should take our chances" dvd $8.40
McCormick, Matt "from tugboats to polar bears" $12.50
Oliveros, Pauline and the University Of Michigan Digital Music Ensemble $11.70
Oliveros, Pauline and Cecil Taylor "Solo-duo-poetry" dvd $8.70
Out Cold "looking through communist eyes" $3.60
Schumacher, Michael "five sound installations" $22.80
Sic "end of the eighties" $19.70
Stratman, Deborah "something like flying" $12.50
Train On The Brain by Alison Murray $12.00
Uman, Naomi "milking and scratching" $12.50
V/A 10 Year Fight compilation $10.80
V/A Engineer Tier 1 compilation $8.40
V/A Fruits Of The Season compilation $8.40
v/a lost film fest vol 2 dvd $7.20
V/A Peripheral Produce Greatest Hits compilation dvd $12.50
*V/A The Ten Years War dvd $6.00
*v/a this is circumstantial evidence dvd (three one g) $2.70
Zoroaster "04 / 05 / 08 Live @ Smith's Olde Bar" $9.00
Blame Game T-shirts $4.80
Dead Vagina "girl's face" $4.80
Me and Him Call It Us Girl Logo $10.80
Me and Him Call It Us Goddess Logo $10.80
One Hand Loves The Other $7.20
Tote Bags
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You "bull / believes in patterns" logo $2.40