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Stickfigure Family of Record Labels:

  A Day Late and a Dollar Short
  Adair Park Recordings
featuring The Orphins and This Piano Plays Itself
  Earth Shaking Rhythms Recordings
featuring Baldeagle and Yatagarasu
  Fieldhouse Recordings
featuring Ben Trickey and Nerdkween
  Poplosive Recordings
featuring La Chansons

  Stickfigure Recordings
featuring La Chansons, Backseat Dreamer, Harken The Hands Askew, Sorry No Ferrari, Lid Emba, Warning Light and many more

  Surrounded By Light Recordings
featuring Attention System and Entertainment

  The Gospel Of Rhythm Recordings
featuring All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Authors Apology and Baby Baby
  Vagina Flambe Recordings
featuring Hawks and Mourdella