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Based in Atlanta, Stickfigure started during the winter of 1992 to cater to the underground scene of independent music. Its roots were in the new sub-culture rising in the 90s. Many of the musical genres, such as hardcore, math rock, and emo were difficult to find at record stores. It was started by Gavin Frederick who was a radio dj for 91.1 WREK (Georgia Tech) as well.

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The Stickfigure Shopify store that has the preorder for the Burning Airlines Deluxe 3 lp boxset as well as merchandise from West End Motel and Stickfigure IS LOCATED RIGHT HERE.

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Stickfigure Exclusive Titles are available through Super Discount as well.

The Body "Master We Perish" lp

The Body "Master We Perish" cd

Snowden "Anti-Anti" 2 x lp

Nels Cline / Eliott Sharp "Open The Door" cd

Eliane Radigue "trilogie de la mort" 3xcd

Silent Servant "Negative Fascination" cd

Catharsis "Light From A Dead Star" 4 x lp

Wrinkle Neck Mules "Apprentice To Ghosts" cd

Burning Airlines "Identikit" lp

Qurious "Void Vanishing" cd
StickFigure Presents